Friday, April 16, 2010

The Future Of My Family

Dear God,

No matter how a little confusing Your Word for me today is, I realize that Paul is talking about a spiritual family in my quiet time message. But as I read and meditate, and study about it more, I guess I could apply it to my own family life as well. It makes me stop and think, because as I look at some families today, I somewhat see a pattern that does not seem to coincide with Your Word. Kids reach adulthood, and parents quit becoming parents. It makes all the more of me wonder -- do some parents believe that there is nothing they could do more, once their children become grown adults...?

Lord, please help and guide me in how I should be truly, and deeply involved in the lives of my DS and DD. Because while they are still young, I want to instill and plant in them the very basics of Your Word, and show them both how to apply and use Your Word in their daily, everyday lives -- be it in school, home, elsewhere... I guess that is the best investment DH and I could come up with for our children's future. And then as they grow up, reach the springtime of their youth, and become mature adults, please remain a faithful, steadfast, and helpful God in helping me and DH build on Your teachings by continuing to set the right example to them, praying for them still, being there for them still, and caring for them still.

...children should not have to save up for their parents,
but parents for their children.
2 Corinthians 12:14

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