Friday, July 23, 2010

Children Are From The Lord

Dear God,

From the minute I was informed by my doctor of each little child growing inside my womb, I instantly knew that each child was from You. How could I ever doubt, or even forget, that such miracle of life could come from any other source but You?

As DS, and three years later, DD, entered this world, I could not help but praise and thank You for this wonderful gift You granted me. Through the many joys and many struggles of motherhood, I have been able to rest and marvel in the truth that these kids are indeed from You, and because of Your goodness and grace, I have received them both. Thank You, Lord, that in Your most perfect timing and plan, You've given me beautiful children whom I probably don't even deserve. Thank You for allowing me to become a mother, that the experience of being one makes me complete and fulfilled. That is truly a gift from You.

Adam lay with his wife Eve,
and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain.
She said, "With the help of the LORD
I have brought forth a man."
Genesis 4:1


  1. Such a tender post. Good day to you! Cathy

  2. Thank you, Cathy, aren't we, mothers, so blessed! :)