Friday, July 16, 2010

I Trust In You

Dear God,

Those three words are so familiar, I often hear myself whisper that especially in prayer. I even remember, that as a child in an exclusive all-girls school, I would memorize those words in Religion class. The nuns in my old school who were also my teachers taught me to apply them to childhood fears I might face: thunderstorms, darkness, doctor's injections, sleeping alone in your own room, and so much more. I guess some of us look at this as a scripture just for kids.

I certainly want my DS and DD to begin applying this principle while they are still young, Lord, but at the same time I want them also to fully understand that they can carry it with them into adulthood...

It helped me, when I went from a sheltered Catholic highschool to a big university, -- that was almost 20 years ago, -- where I met You (or You found me!), and eventually You became Lord of my life. Because those words were deeply impressed as it rooted in my heart, it gave me strength as I entered the fast-paced life of being in a career driven world. It also encouraged me when I embarked on the marriage journey. And it gave me boldness to totally slow down my pace as I entered the lifelong responsibility of motherhood.

I trust in You, Lord. Those words are so power filled. I commit myself to applying them daily.

When I am afraid,
I will trust in you.
Psalm 56:3


  1. ....and you speak with great sincerity!!

  2. Thanks, Anni! Those words really brings back some good old memories of how I started as a yound Christian... And now I pray my own children learns about its true meaning, and the power it gives by doing just simply that. :)

  3. Your sincerity is refreshing and uplifting. Thank you! Cathy

  4. Thanks much, Cathy, I don't think I would be able to survive going through school, working, marriage, and motherhood, if not for those words... God is a faithful and loving God, He always listens and answers, and comes to our rescue. :)