Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tea Talk Time #47

1. I'm having... Just plain, cold water...

2. I'm feeling... A bit worried about my DD's new "life" with the treatment she is undergoing now. You may read all about it in my other blog, STORIES FROM MY GARDEN...

3. On my mind... Comfort for my DD as she undergoes this long and tedious process of correcting her jawbone problem... Please pray with us for our DD's endurance and patience...

Then the LORD God formed a man
from the dust of the ground
and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life,
and the man became a living being.
Genesis 2:7

Thanks Ruth for the refreshing Tea/Coffee Break! God bless you more, my friend!


  1. Oh, Anne, I wish I can give you and Gina a hug right now. I'm so sorry to hear this new episode in your life. I can imagine how you have to adjust to changes in your daily life, especially now that Gina is back homeschooling (I learned from her blog). But I'm so blessed to see how you handle things so peacefully. I can feel it by the way you wrote the story. I'm also impressed by Gina's courage. I can tell by just looking at her pictures and also from the way she wrote her story in her blog. I will be praying for you and your family. May His peace and joy abound amid these new challenges in your family.
    Love and prayers,

  2. May God grant you comfort, peace, and courage for both you and your dear daughter and may you find joy and strength in the days ahead.

  3. Dear Ruth,

    Thank you so much for the encouraging message...

    Please continue to pray with us, especially for Gina... She is is great pain because the pressure of the bands are doing their work of pulling her upper jawbone outward, and the chin cup on the otherhand, is pushing her lower jawbone back in...

    Right now, Gina has mouth sores -- lacerations, to be exact, from the bands that are placed on the sides of her mouth. We can only apply this very stingy medicine drops (no wax as in when one has the braces), which, although applied for 20 secs. only, makes Gina cry because of pain...

    I know God has a reason for all this, and we trust Him ever so greatly at this time... We pray for a speedy recovery for Gina, and for her body to adjust fast to all these changes in routine, and all...

    Homeschooling makes her enjoy her day, because she is busy especially in the morning, but when night time comes, and bedtime calls for quiet moments, the pain sets in more and she feels it tremendously. Am praying for more things to do with her, and your TLC site is very very helpful. Thank you so much...

    I claim all that you have prayed with and for us, and thank you once again for being a helpful and supportive online sister in the Lord.

    Will keep in touch. More updates soon in my personal blog.

    In Christ,

  4. Dear Judy,

    Thank you for your message. I claim it with all of my heart and pray that it will continue to give us inspiration to go on...