Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tea Talk Time #52

1. I'm having... Water, coffee, soda, you name it (any liquid at home except for alcohol!) :) The kids with DH and I are having a "drinking" feast here, haha.

2. I'm feeling... Happy, joyful, and hopeful for the coming new year 2011. I have also completed 52 weeks of joining Tea Talk Time and I thank my friend, Ruth for hosting this wonderful meme. I shall be joining her other memes this time, in my other site, Stories From My Garden, and hope to see you there too.

3. On my mind... More blessings from the Lord, and more time with my family. :)

...(He) loves us
and has freed us
from our sins by his blood...
Revelation 1:5

Thanks Ruth for the refreshing Tea/Coffee Break! God bless you more, my friend!


  1. Have been so busy I missed yesterday's Tea Talk. Happy New Year, Anne!!! All the best to you!! Cathy

  2. Same here, Cathy! Happy New year and may you receive more blessings for 2011! {{[Hugs!}}}

  3. Wow! 52 weeks of Tea Talk. Thanks for counting, Anne. I'm thrilled to know you have joined us for 52 weeks already and still enjoying it. Looking forward to see you in other memes.

    Your drinking feast sounds a fun celebration to end a wonderful year and welcome a more wonderful one. I'm rejoicing with you here.

    Love, prayers and blessings for the New Year!

  4. Haha, that's one year of being blessed by yours and the other ladies' friendship! :)

    I will be migrating to my other blog as well, this '11, as I need to "concentrate" more on DD's progress regarding her Facemask Therapy/Intervention. Praise God she is doing well, as our doctor confirmed during our last check-up. Her upper jawbone is moving the way we want it to be, so we are encouraged more in wearing the Facemask no matter how difficult it may be.

    We just stayed home to meet the New Year, and watched the countdown via television. It was a very blissful year for all of us despite some health concerns that came along the way. God is truly good.

    Happy New Year, Ruth! I pray more blessings for you and your family this 2011. Thanks for being a great blogmate! See you in each other's blogs soon! :)