Tuesday, October 27, 2009

♥♥ Like Showers On New Grass ♥♥

Dear God,

Thank You because today is my birthday. As always, I'm feeling nostalgic, just like past birthdays of yesteryears... Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I chose a different path. If I listened to You more closely, and allowed You to lead me Your way...

Will You bless me this time, Lord, just as You have blessed Jabez long ago?

I have closed the gates of my other blog site of four years, and am starting out this new one for You on my special day -- To voice out my deepeest, innermost thoughts and cherished dreams, to rekindle my on and off love affair with You, and to never lose contact with You again...

Thank You, for putting up with all my tantrums, idiosyncrasies, histrionics and dramatics in life. I am simply Your work of art isn't it, fearfully and wonderfully made, and You can't deny it! :)

Today, I pray for nothing but Your abundant, rich, and wonderful blessings. Please also grant me the strength, the courage, and the patience to face all that I have to tackle each day: Family, other people, difficult situations, insurmountable challenges and even my very own complicated self.

Let Your teaching fall on me like rain, and Your words descend on me like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.

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