Wednesday, December 16, 2009

★★ The Circle Of Friends Award ★★

I received my very 1st Award from Ruth @ Celebrate Friendship. I am truly honored to receive such an award, and thank God for the blessing of friends even thru cyberspace.

By accepting this award, I will have to share 5 things about myself:

1. I am married for almost 13 years, and am a Mom of two kids -- an intelligent boy aged 11 and a sweet girl aged 7.

2. I love to read books, write in my diary, and maintain a blog in Multiply and Blogger.

3.I like to bead crystal and freshwater pearl bracelets, and give them away as presents to friends.

4. I have Type II Diabetes and am trying hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle -- especially in my diet.

5. I aspire to be beautiful in God’s eyes by praying to Him for help so I can be like the Proverbs 31 woman someday.

May we all continue to share in the bond that God has allowed us to enjoy with one another. To my friend Ruth and the rest of us in The Circle of Friends – Let us all remember, that friends in Christ are friends forever!

I have placed the award in my sidebar, and share the blessing to some of my friends in this blogging site:

Doylene @ A Gracious Home
Ann @ The I-Sisters
Peggy @ The Simple Woman
Kathy @ Blooming in Suburbia
Mama Bear @ Bears in Exile


  1. Thank you, Anne, I will get it posted this week.
    Mama Bear

  2. You're welcome, Anne.

    I'm glad to learn more things about you today. The beautiful flowers and prayers in your blog are reflections of how beautiful person you are inside and out.

  3. Thanks, Mama Bear, I will be looking forward to it as I am excited to learn more things about you. =)

  4. Thanks again Ruth, I am blessed to be friends with you. Likewise, I wish more blessings for you and your family and that your children will always see God in you as they are nurtured at home. You are one great Mom! =)

  5. Hello...I just popped by to say hello. I was visiting and commenting on Mama Bear's blog just now and she proudly displayed the award you gave to her. I understand that you're new to blogging and I'd like to welcome you with open arms from me to blogland!

  6. PS...I'm now following your blog, hope that's okay with you. :o)

  7. Hello Anni, thanks for dropping by and for welcoming me with open arms, haha. I've been actually blogging since 4 years ago in a different site, but decided to open another one here. Am blessed to receive an award in just two months' time, really. I know I'll like it here; the "community" is sincere and I am surrounded by a lot of sisters in the Lord. =)

    P.S.: Yes, of course, you may follow my blog. It's open Mondays thru Fridays, haha. I'll be following you too, okay. Have a great weekend, thank you again for your wonderful message.

    Anne =)

  8. Congratulations, sis :) Hehehe! You are beautiful inside out. WIth you in our journey, Ann

  9. Hi Sis!

    You also deserve it, so I thought of giving it to you right away. =)