Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tea Talk Time #9

1. I'm having... The coolest, slurpiest, iciest Mango shake ever. Perfect to quench my thirst and sweets-craving on a very hot Thursday morning. Am taking it in a large white take-out plastic glass with cover, complete with straw.

2. I'm feeling... Thankful for God's provisions and blessings in the family.

3. On my mind... DS's and DD's last day of school on the 24th, and their line-up of summer activities starting April.

In my Father's house are many rooms;
if it were not so, I would have told you.
I am going there to prepare a place for you.
John 14:2

Thanks Ruth for the refreshing Tea/Coffee Break! God bless you more, my friend!


  1. Dear Anne,
    I love your choise of Bible verse. It is so reassuring isn't it?
    It must still be hot over there for you. You poor thing.
    Did I mention we are getting some beautiful Autumn weather.
    Praying for you this week.
    God Bless

  2. Hi Gae,

    Yes, I agree with you; and it is something to look forward to someday! =)

    Yes, it is very hot these days, and we only have 3 seasons here: the cold-dry season, the hot-dry season, and the cold-rainy season... The summer (hot-dry) arrived early though, and we hope it would rain even a bit to quench the parched rice and vegetable fields in the provinces. =)

    I love the Fall season. And you are fotunate to have that kind of weather in Australia. My kids loved the cool October/November air and the various changing colors of the leaves when we visited my Mom in the US a few years back.

    Have a great week and more blessings to you!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Your mango shake sounds very yummy!!! We are also very hot here. I'm having headache right now. I was out the whole day under the blazing sun.
    Love that verse, too. Gae is right, very reassuring especially that I don't own a house, haha.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. Hi Anne,
    How lovely to share tea time with you. Praising God with you for how He provides for all of us.
    Wow, school is ending? Your DS and DH must be very happy.
    Have a wonderful blessed day,

  5. Hello Katia,

    Thanks for the message; yes, the kids' classes are about to end and they are excited for summer vacation. By June, school starts again in the Philippines, and DS will be in 6th grade, while DD in 2nd grade. =)

    Have a great week!

  6. Hi Ruth,

    Oh yes, it is yummy. I also had a grand headache a few days ago due to the hot weather. The news announced that that particular day was charted as the hottest so far this year in Manila...

    How is your ESL classes coming along; I know it will be a hit and a great help to many people there.

    Enjoy the week as well! =)

  7. Oh Anne, I haven't had a delicious, yummy, refreshing Mango drink, since I left South America :)

    It is hot overthere - here in the Norteast of the US, we are still in the midst of winter!



  8. Hi Maria, thank you for the message.

    Green or yellow Mangoes are abundant in the Philippines, especially during our summer months. They are really sweet and juicy, and great for making into a refreshing drink. =)

    My kids miss the fall weather in the US; especially since we spent a good 1 month there for a vacation last time. They haven't experienced snow yet, because last time we were in NJ, it fell the day after we returned to Manila, lol!

    Enjoy the week and God bless you.

  9. OH GEE!!!!! MANGO SHAKES!!!!! That sounds simply heavenly!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry for you ladies having headaches.
    And Anne, it is so surprising to think of someone's school ending for summer while I have all of this SNOW around me!!! It is just now beginning to melt away!
    Thanks for sharing your TEA TALK with us!

  10. Hi Judy,

    Haha, I guess you guys have to wait for your summer; or am not sure if you could get your Mangoes this time from Asian food stores there... =)

    We both start and end our schoolyear in different months of the year, haha. In the Philippines, we start in June, and end in March. (In the US, you start in Aug./Sept. and end in May/June, am I right?) But when it starts, that's the time the cold-rainy season starts here too, and usually school gets cancelled due to strong rains, flood in some areas, and typhoons. Once there was a suggestion that the Philippines should follow the American school year so that kids will be at home during the typhoon months. But many others didn't approve of it because they said they didn't want their summer vacation to get ruined, lol!

    As I often say to US friends surrounded by snow this year --- send us some in the Philippines; we could use your fluffy snow to get our heads to cool off, haha! =)

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend. =)