Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Forgiving And Praying For My Children

Dear God,

I always pray for my DS and DD, and I know that as a Mom, I should. But sometimes when I am faced with whining, nastiness, or arguments all day, I need to make sure I have first forgiven them completely. After all, it does seem rather conflicting to ask for Your blessings on them when my own heart doesn't exactly feel like blessing them...

I guess Lord, what I am asking from You is to give me a clean heart -- one that will have the proper, motherly attitude to both my kids. That way I will truly be able to forgive them, and I will have the right outlook when I pray for them. I cherish them very much, and want Your blessing on their lives, especially as they grow up. Please help us all, Lord.

And when you stand praying,
if you hold anything against anyone,
forgive him, so that your Father in heaven
may forgive you your sins.
Mark 11:25

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