Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reward Of Obedience

Dear God,

I have long realized that obeying You is truly a fulfilling experience. But I also discovered that the reward for obedience surpasses far beyond that feeling of satisfaction because it affects and touches more people in many ways than I could ever imagine. Thousands of years ago, you told Abraham that because of his obedience You would bless the whole Earth through his descendants.

I know that You are a God who never changes, but at the same time You are also an "up to date and modern" God. With that I just want to say, -- that I know You won't exactly use my DS and DD the same way You used Abraham, -- but I know that both of them can still be blessings to a lot of people around them.

Lord, I want to obey You in everything, and also lead my kids to obey You. Through our obedience to You, please help us to reach out to many people for your kingdom and glory. That, truly, is the greatest blessing. I am so thankful that obedience is rewarding.

...and through your offspring
all nations on Earth will be blessed,
because you have obeyed me.
Genesis 22:18

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