Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Desire To Obey You

Dear God,

Always, my intentions to obey are good.  I have read Your Word, and I know what You expect from me.  I want to obey all our commandments, but honestly, I am weak.  So may times I fail and fall short because I rely on my own strength and righteousness.  Lord, please give me Your righteousness.  When Your power is within me, I know I will be able to follow Your commands.

Sometimes, I watch and observe the look on my kids' faces when they are about to take action on something.  They know and perfectly understand what I expect of them, but their desire to do their own thing overtakes them.

Lord, please help me to help my kids do what is right.  I am depending on You alone to show me how to do it with Your gentle strength and grace.  Make us all more willing to accept and obey the help You offer.

How I long for your precepts!
In your righteousness preserve my life.
I will always obey your law,
for ever and ever.
Psalm 119:40, 44

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