Friday, November 6, 2009

Being Role Model Parents

Dear God,

Whether I like it or not, there are so many people out there, and around us, who attract the attention of my kids. In today's world, there are so many times and ways that my kids are exposed to negative role models. Lord, I ask You to please protect my DS and DD from these people. In my mother's heart, I want to limit the contact my kids have with these sources of bad influence, and ask for Your help in doing so.

And even more importantly Lord, please guide me and my DH to be a good influence before our kids, and show them, even while they are still young, how truly important it is to walk in Your ways and obey Your commands. Please help us to live according to Your word and guidelines, and show DS and DD that Your plan is always best as they strive to live for You. Thank You Lord, for always helping us bring them up the way You want them to be.

I will be careful to lead a blameless life -- when will you come to me?
I will walk in my house with blameless heart.
Psalm 101:2

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