Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Comforting God

Dear God,

Have you seen the news for today? Of course, am just trying to make things light here; You know everything that happens. Sometimes I get so afraid and weary. There are people killing people, people killing or hurting kids... Lord oftentimes I feel I do not want to let my DS and DD out of my sight anymore; yet I know I cannot protect them from the many evils in the world.

Long ago, as Abraham placed his son Isaac in Your care, please help me to give You my DS and DD. I know that when I worry I keep taking them back, and remove my total trust in You. Please take away and vanish my many fears. Help me to trust You with them everyday, especially in school. Oftentimes I can see my kids watching me at home. They take their cue from how I react to negative news. God, please remove the fears that bind me so that I can be happy and worry-free in the knowledge that You are there to comfort me -- no matter what is happening.

I, even I, am he who comforts you.
Who are you that you fear mortal men,
the sons of men, who are but grass...
Isaiah 51:12

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