Friday, November 13, 2009

My Heart's Desires

Dear God,

There are times, just like today, that I feel so unfulfilled. Basing on the world's standards, I should have a good-paying job, run my household affairs well, raise my DS and DD excellently -- be a Supermom in other words! I just don't feel very much like I am doing a great job on those things... Some days I can barely deal with the kids' growing demands and needs. And the (behind my back) criticism I probably get from some friends and even family weighs heavily on me.

I know Lord, that I am looking in the wrong direction for fulfillment. The world around me moves on and does not care about me or my needs. Only You can take care of the many desires of my heart. Please allow me to feel and experience the joy and contentment that come from being filled with You alone... Then my DS and DD will also see the truth and seek You wholeheartedly. That's whats more important. When they know You personally, then my heart will be filled to overflowing.

He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;
he hears their cry and saves them.
Psalm 145:19

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