Monday, December 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook #7

FOR TODAY... Dec. 14, 2009

Outside my window... The sun is shining brightly and the wind blowing gently

I am thinking... Of what spiritual and material blessings we will receive for the year 2010

I am thankful for... The big blessing that DS received yesterday in his Chess tournament -- a Silver medal, praise the Lord!

I am wearing... A pink printed Mickey Mouse shirt-dress

I am remembering... The days when we celebrated Christmas last year, and is ultra excited this year because my Mom is coming home from NJ for a visit!

I am going... To prepare gifts for relatives and friends today with DH

I am reading... My yearly Christmas Gifts tickler to help guide me on what to give DH's relatives this season

I am hoping... That DS will win again in his next Chess tournament

On my mind... A big, rich, cheesy Lasagna for Christmas dinner

From the learning rooms... The kids are starting to relax a bit on lessons because Christmas vacation is on Thursday already

Noticing that... Traffic in the city is getting worse as Christmas day is nearing

Pondering these words... And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. -- Isaiah 40:5

From the kitchen... Beef Mechado, Picadillo Soup, and Sauteed Mung Beans

Around the house... DD is busy preparing surprise Christmas artworks for me and DH (We are not allowed to see it until Christmas day, she said!)

One of my favorite things... Just like I mentioned up there -- a big tray of Lasagna oozing with cheese in between layers and on the top. Yummy!

From my picture journal...

Thanks to Peggy for allowing me to take part in The Simple Woman's Daybook. Blessings and have a great week, everyone!


  1. Thank you for sharing your Daybook! I have also been reading Isaiah in preparation for Christmas ;) And good look to your son!

    Best, Kathy

  2. How wonderful to have your Mom visiting for the holidays.
    The gift tickler, I think my daughter-in-law's family was doing something like that.
    Great that hubby is winning.
    Happy week ahead,
    Mama Bear

  3. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you for your message; it's nice to know you are also reflecting on the book of Isaiah. I wish you abundant blessings this holiday season and in the new year to come. Thanks too for wishing my son to win in his next Chess tourney. God bless! =)

  4. Hi Mama Bear,

    Thanks for leaving a note in my little space. Yes, it's great that my Mom will be visiting for the holidays. My kids are excited to be with their grandma again because we last saw her in '06. We were the ones who flew to the US back then.

    I keep a tickler that serves as a reminder on who's on my list every season. And to make sure that I wouldn't double up on giving an item to friends or relatives, lol! I usually forget what I gave out the last Christmas, haha.

    God bless you and have a great week ahead too. =)