Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tea Talk Time #18

1. I'm having... A tall glass of iced mango juice. So yummy and refreshing especially on a hot summer day.

2. I'm feeling... Hopeful for this Monday's Presidential elections. Please pray with me that we will have an honest and clean election day and that whoever wins will be Spirit-led and committed in leading the Filipino people to higher ground...

3. On my mind... May 10th which is election day... It's the first time the Philippines will have an automated election system -- which means all the votes will be counted by a computer. If all goes well we should know the results in about two days...

You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
Psalm 16:11

Thanks Ruth for the refreshing Tea/Coffee Break! God bless you more, my friend!


  1. Oh, Anne. I'm really hoping and praying for a clean and clear election and that this time our country would have a new set of righteous and godly leaders. May God's will prevail on May 10th.

    Your mango juice sound so yummy.

    God bless you, your family, and our country.

  2. I'll be praying for the elections. It's funny to think that in Canada the results would be known an hour before the polls close in my province (due to time changes, electoral seats and other things that confuse me).

  3. Daer Ruth, I agree with you, and also pray harder for a peaceful election day on Monday... Yes, may our next leader be a godly one. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...

    (Now on a lighter note*) Oh the mango juice is truly delish! Sending you a virtual glass, haha... Btw, I was supposed to give you the Sunshine Award that our good friend Michelle gave -- but I saw that she also gave you one, haha! :) I just feel so blessed by our friendship in this blogging site! There are so many wonderful ladies in our circle.

    God bless and I will surely update you about Monday's big day! Let us hope for the best and continue to pray for our country...

  4. Thanks Michelle for praying for us. My sister in law and also one cousin based in Vancouver say so too, about how efficient your electoral system is there...

    Thing is, there are so many corrupt officials in my country (I am so ashamed but honest to let you in this), and so many of them play hocus pocus on every political thing they can lay their hands on. That is why my country is economically way below the ranks of other neighboring Asian countries surrounding us on the globe.

    Thankfully we have an even greater God who can see all this. So we can only pray and hope that our next President will be God-fearing, honest, and incorruptible.

    Thanks much for the message, it means so much when friends across the globe show concern too! God bless and have a wonderful week. Will update you guys re Monday. :)