Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Everlasting Strength

Dear God,

Just how long is everlasting...? A million years...? A billion years...? A mega gazillion...? I cannot fully comprehend that length of time. And I know that my time is measured in hours, days, years, and sometimes even in minutes. Truly, the thought of "everlasting" is so vast, I cannot understand it. Explaining eternity to my DS and DD is almost impossible as I myself, could not totally grasp it.

But I can trust in You, Father, because Your strength never ever fails. It is here for all eternity. You do not weaken like I do. You are omnipotent...

The heroes that the world admire today have weaknesses. But not You, Lord. You are perfect. Your strength is everlasting. I want my DS and DD to trust You as their only hero -- their only all-wise, all-powerful, all-sufficient, mighty protector -- the One they can trust in forever and ever. I praise You, my God.

Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD,
the LORD himself,
is the Rock eternal.
Isaiah 26:4


  1. thanks for sharing... loves soraya

  2. Dear Soraya,

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a message. I visited your blog and am blessed by it. I am refreshed and touched as well. Continue to do the good work God has bestowed on you. Hope we can be friends in blogland. :)

    In Christ,
    Anne :)