Friday, September 2, 2011

Wisdom From You

Dear God,

My DS and DD are not rich or wealthy. At least not by the world's standards... It's also not too likely that they ever will be as long as they're relying on us, their parents, for their income. I would not say that they are poor either, but, of course, these are not the things that should matter in this world... Listening to us and paying attention to wise counsel will definitely make both of them far better people than either wealth or poverty.

Lord, please give me the wisdom I need to properly advise my DS and DD. Please help me also teach and instill in their hearts and mind to always seek guidance from Your Word and in accordance with the Holy Spirit. DH and I may not be able to offer earthly riches, but we can always teach them Your truths, and that is what really counts. As our kids grow, Father, help them use wisdom from You.

Better a poor but wise youth
than an old but foolish king
who no longer knows how to heed a warning.
Ecclesiastes 4:13

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