Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lift Me Up

Dear God,

In this world, honor and reward play a very big part in our lives.  We usually do things to look good in the eyes of other people...  We become conceited when we are praised...  And of course, working toward this kind of praise is a good motivational tool too.  But on the other hand, I know that there is danger in this kind of focus that is being misplaced.

I am aware that it is so much more important to be pleasing to You.  You have given me many great tasks, and being a Mom is one of my greatest favorites.  But, it can also be humbling at times.  I guess that is good enough for me, though...

Lord, please help me to do my job humbly and to rely solely on You.  I know that this is what would please You most, and that reward is the best motivator I could ever ask for.

Humble yourselves before the Lord,
and he will lift you up.
James 4:10

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